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Our company is mainly engaged on special ceramic R&D and inorganic membrane application. Our products are widely used in mining dehydration; fields of environmental protection such as sewage treatment; and ash-removal gear of power systems. Customization of our products can be accepted. The excellent product quality win the trust of our users.

The products of Zerong not only meet the needs of the civil customers, but also developing the trade business abroad. The following pictures are the ceramic flilter plates we export to Chile.





RX ceramic filter plate is developed by our company through cooperating with several ceramic institutes and absorbing advanced technology, we provide our product to have efficiency and save energy in an environmental friendly way. This production is mainly used for dehydration of concentrate minerals such as Gold, Silver, Copper, Iron, Tin, Cobalt, Molybdenum, Chrome, Sulfur, Phosphorus, Aluminum, Zine, Nickel and so on. Also it fits for treatment of sewage and acid waste.