RX whole ceramic filter plate is developed by our company through cooperating with several ceramic institutes and absorbing foreign advanced technology . we provide our product to have high efficiency and save energy in an Environmentally friendly way.This production is mainly used for dehydration of concentrate minerals such as Gold.Silver, Copper, Iron, Tin,Cobalt, Molybdenum,Chrome,Sulfur, Phosphorus,Aluminum,Zinc, Nickel and so on.

        Also it fits for treatment of sewage and acid waste. The applicable range of materials is from一200mesh( covers 50%) to 400mesh( corers 90%), and including micron materials.Our products have successfully won our user's confidence due to its high separation rate, high separation precision, high operation efficiency and excellent technical economic index, as well as extensive adaptability.

        Recently,for mine production decreased obviously after several times ore absorption,our company developed a new type of membrane surface.The porosity of the new membrane can reach 55.60%,the microporous inwalls are smooth,and the tiny particles can pass smoothly in ore absorption process,so the jams will be reduced better.Meanwhile,after long-term use and backwash,the regeneration ability is obvious,the service life is longer,so as to achieve the maximum efficiency of plate surface,and improve the output. 

        RX 8m² ceramic filter plate is first developed by our company through combining with foreign advanced design idea.This plate is a large arge ceramic vacuum filter plate of low energy consumption and environmentally,which is suitable for 144m²,204m² and 240m² ceramic vacuum filters.The 8m² plate still follows the new technology of our company,fully meet the use demand of large area ceramic filters,and ensure the normal operation of equipments.The launch of the 8m² ceramic filter plate(12m² each circle)provides the possibility and guarantee for manufacturing ceramic vacuum filters in China.Atpresent,this 8m² plate has been widely used and recognized in Chile,Australia,Canada and other countries and regions.Now our company is manufacturing 240m² filtering equipment through cooperating with Longhai company,to meet the market demand.



    Filter flux(water pressure 0.1Mpa)


    Recoil atmospheric pressure(in damp environment)


    Back wash pressure


    Combined cleaning pressure of ultrasonic and chemical agent


    Pore diameter range of membrane surface


    Assembly Precision

    Parallelism between assemble ring´s base

     level and membrane´s surface


    Height between assemble ring´s

     base level and membrane´s surface


    Precision of forming a disc

    Tolerance between midpoint 

    of assemble hole and diagonal line


    Space between each plates

     which forming a circle arc(installation as required)


    Accumulatedtime of wear resistance to membrane surface when filter 

    cakeis discharged(Not chafed by hard material or scraper)


    Dry weight of processed materials

    0.6-1.6t/h* m²

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